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If a child has a speech, language or communication difficulty they may struggle in nursery or school. There is a wide body of evidence to support the importance of these difficulties being identified as early as possible so that the right support is put in place to ensure these children reach their full potential using speech and language therapy.


One in ten children in the UK, two or three in every classroom have communication difficulties that require specialist help.” (ICAN 2012).


Kirsty Rarity, Founder of Chatterboxes Speech and Language Therapy (SLT), provides an independent client-centered service for children with speech, language and communication difficulties.


After working with NHS Grampian in Elgin, Kirsty has returned home to Dunoon and set up an independent practice here. Her aim is to grow from working with local families to working inclusively with parent groups, organisations, nurseries and with local schools as part of the Scottish Attainments Challenge.


Packages of support are tailored to an individual client or organisation’s requirements. This can take the form of one to one support, group work, informal training and coaching for both parents and child-care workers. 


Every Speech and Language Therapist in the UK requires to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, who have an online register that you can check.


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